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St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Thalassery is one of the prestigious institutions in Malabar. It was started as an Anglo Indian school in the 16th century and was one of the oldest schools in Northern Kerala run under the management of Latin Diocese of Kannur. It became a recognised  School in 1854. For a long time it was known as European School.

Fr.J.B.Galanda, S.J., became the Manager of this School – known at that time as the ‘Indian Middle School’ – in 1922. He continued as Manager and Head Master of the school from 1922 to 1939.  People of Tellicherry during this period will not forget him due to his services in education field.  In 1939 Fr. Galanda was interred and Fr. J.B. Rodrigues was appointed to succeed him as the Manager of the school. In 1940 Sri. Kanari Master, one of the greatest teachers St.Joseph’s has ever seen was entrusted with the responsibility as the headmaster of the school.  Kanari master with the help of his friends collected the signs of 101 eminent persons of Thalassery and prepared an application form for the conversion of Indian Middle School into a high school. As a result of his attempts and support from the Manager, the Indian Middle school was converted into a high school. On March 15th 1941, an order came from the Madras government to transform the Indian Middle School to high school. On June 1st 1941, the school was named as St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School. Kanari Master became the first Head Master of the High School. Fr. Thomas Pallathukuzhy  was appointed Head Master in 1947 and Fr.Justin Saldanha took over charge from him in 1951.

In 1952 Fr. George Pathiyil was posted to Tellicherry as parish priest of Holy Rosary Church and Head Master of St. Joseph’s Boys High School.  He did a lot to improvise the school.  He extended the school buildings, constructed a pavilion and protective sea-walls, and bought from the Government one acre land for the School.  All this costed him more than One and half lakh ruppes during those times !!!!  In 1975 he was awarded the Best Teacher award by the State Government and in 1976 he got the National award for the Best Teacher. He held many social positions in Tellicherry during his tenure, among them he was at the helm of Hockey Association and due to his efforts in 1975 the World Cup winning Indian team played one of their exhibition matches in Tellicherry, which was a grand success.  In the academic side he had many eminent teachers, like Shri P Kanari Master, Shri Venkateshwara Iyer Master, Shri Kunhikannan Master, Mrs. Merlyn etc. He retired in 1980 and during the 28 years the School notched up 100% pass in SSLC many times.  Clearly that was the Golden period of St. Joseph’s School. Fr. George Pathiyil breathed his last at Carithas Hospital, Kottayam in November 2009.

Many students became teachers and some in turn became Head Masters and Principal like Shri V.P.Lakshmanan, Shri T.K.Balan, Shri K Suresh Babu and Shri V Raveendran.  Among them Shri Suresh Babu & Shri V Raveendran shared a rarest honor when they, both old students of the school, served as the Principal of the Higher Secondary and Head Master of the High School sections respectively during the same period.  Both of them retired on the same day ie: 31st March 2009.

In the year 2000 the school was upgraded to Higher Secondary and became co-educational institution.  Shri P.V. Ramachandran was the first Principal.  At present Rev. Fr. Clement Laingen is the Local Manager, Sri. Denny John.K is the Principal and Sri. Benny Francis is the Head Master. Presently thousands of students are studying in High School and H.S.S. Due to the efforts of the Management and Staff, the standard of education has always been maintained high.  It is one of the most sought after school for the people of Thalassery for the education of their children.

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